Bad Ego Productions

Bad Ego Productions was formed in 2015 with a simple mission statement - to make great independent films free of bloated budgets or flaming egos. Our filmmaking philosophy is one that seeks to combine the independent ideology of the new age with the grand vision of the old. We are practitioners of the auteur method - from the beginning, we conceptualize, design, and plan films primarily on our own, collaborating only with trusted professionals in small crews. 


Michael Benton

Co-director and sound engineer Michael Benton was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He's had a passion for film since he first saw Under Siege. He is scared of spiders and loves baths. He lives and works in the Atlanta area. 


Alejandro Espinoza

Co-director and Cinematographer Alejandro Espinoza was born in California. His father taught him photography in the film stock days, beginning a passion that would evolve into a talent for visual storytelling. He lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.